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In VR the controllers acts like your hands, and are essential to interact and make use of all of the functions in the software, here you will find a overview and explanation of all of the different buttons and the controllers

Dimension10 is currently allowing these kinds of VR-hardware;
- Oculus Rift / -S
- Windows Mixed Reality
- Valve Knuckles
note. HTC and Oculus are definitely the most common amongst our customers

Inside VR

So this is how the controllers will appear inside VR

Tool-tip display

When looking down at your controllers, you will see a tool-tip display appear around the controllers. This tool-tip display will become useful for quickly demonstrating what the different buttons and triggers are able to do.

HTC VIVE - Controllers

Oculus rift


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The touchpad is for the thumb and controls the laser and the teleport. The touchpad is divided into four sections/quadrants. Each of the sections preforms a different task in VR.

Forward - Is used for teleporting,
Press on the upper section to activate teleport beam, release to teleport to designated place.
Left - Turn 45 degrees left
Backward - Take a step back
Right - Turn 45 degrees right

Menu Button

Pressing the menu button once will open the VR menu, which consist of several different tabs and fucntions.

Trigger Button

The trigger button is pressed with your index finger and is always used for grabbing/pinching, even when you can't see the pincher. And if you press the trigger button on both controllers simultaneously, it can be used to scale models up or down

Grip Button

The grip button is on the side of the controller. You press this button by "gripping" the controller, pressing it with your ring or middle finger. Observe this button and think about how you will press it before entering VR. The grip button on the left controller activates the measuring tape, and on the right controller, it activates the cross section tool.
You can read more about these tools in the "Additional tools" section under the "Dimension 10 - Inside VR" section.


The movement is mostly controlled by the controllers, where the trackpad is the designated area for teleporting, Rotating Left/Right, Move back. 


Illustrated below is the teleport function, while holding down the touchpad you will get a "fishing pole". Wherever you let it go, you will be teleported to the endpoint of that line. When using the teleport, there is a delay that requires you to hold the button for 0.5 seconds before allowing you to start a teleportation maneuverer.

The teleporter can be used to go up and down the stairs while in full scale mode.

Move backward

If you would like to step back for a movement, maybe to get a bigger perspective over something, you can do so by pressing the lower trackpad section. The avatar will then move back a couple of steps.

Move backward

Rotate left

Rotate right

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