No image inside VR headset

SteamVR errors can sometime give an indicator towards what seems to be the problem, but can also sometimes lack helpful information.

Usually a black screen in the VR headset seems to be caused by incompatible video cables. If you've previously had a picture in the VR headset with the exact same hardware but it suddenly stops working, it's more likely to be a software issue. 

Make sure that both the controllers and headset is turned on. You will find a button either on the side of the headset or underneath the headset. 
Common troubleshooting is often effective and is done by going over the hardware equipment, and making sure all the cables are plugged inn, in the correct way. You should also go over the cables and make sure they are complete. 

You should also try to restart software such as Dimension10's launcher, SteamVR, Steam etc. You can also restart the computer. 

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