How to start Dimension10

Dimension10's customers is the teams highest priority, and we aim to work each day to improve and enhance our product towards our customers satisfaction. Therefore we have created this quick guide so that Dimension10's customers can have the best experience possible while operating with our services.

1. Starting Dimension10 - Log in Screen

When opening the D10 launcher you will automatically enter the log in screen, where you should put in the given Email and Password for your designated company account.

You'll also have the possibilities to change the language throughout the D10 software, located in the right column.
Log in Screen

2. Create your avatar

When creating your avatar, make sure to enter your correct height, as the Avatars is based on your height, and will look totally ridiculous if there are contradictions between the actual height, and the given height in the D10 launcher. 
Create your avatar

The VR experience on, should be toggled on if you would like to enter Virtual reality, else it will let you use your keyboard and mouse for movements.

3. Create new room or join existing ones

When creating a new room, simply enter a room name and click "Create room".
If you wish to join a co-worker, you can browse the "Join public room" column, or ask for the specific room key from your co-worker.
Create new room or join existing

4. Import models & Summary of lobby 

when the room is created, one should import the models one wish to add in to the Dimension10 lobby, this is done simply by clicking the "Import folders" and targeting the designated folders for the given models.

Make sure that information is correct, and that all the models you wish to use are checked off and good to go, before clicking the "Start VR room"

Import folders

5. Loading the models and entering VR

Now the boring part is over, it's time to head in to virtual reality.
Remain calm and collected as the models are loading up.

If you suspect the loading has stopped it is most likely still going. When windows says a program is "Not responding" does not mean it is not doing anything, it usually means it's so busy processing data that it's not able to update its interface.

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