Instructive model formats (STEP)

Model formats such as FBX and OBJ are stored as polygon data, making the import for FBX and OBJ into Virtuaview fairly straight forward since polygons are what our software uses to display models. Formats like STEP however contains no polygon data, they rather contain instructions on how to build the model.

(needs better explaining) So say we have a wall with a round hole, with polygon data it would all just be stored as many differently shaped polygons in the file that together make up the desired shape, just how we want it for Virtuaview. But as instructions it would be more like, "Put a wall in x position with x size, on this wall cut a round hole at x position with x radius". After the computer has completed these instructions it can then turn the resulting surface into polygons roughly matching the result of the instructions.

The best thing about instructions is the ability to change detail level, because the circle used to cut the hole does not have a set smoothness. That means you can decide how many polygons are used to construct the hole in the end.

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