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Issues / Annotations

Annotations is the designated tab for creating and viewing: viewpoints, Snapshots as well as opening up and participate in discussions. 

Identifying a new issue

A Virtual Workflow will help you to identify design errors and adjust them in due time!

Creating a new viewpoint

If you would like to create a specific viewpoint, you can:
1. Access the "Issue-tab", select the model you wish to make an annotation for.
2. Press "new issue", which lets you create a new issue/annotation, after this you should take a snapshot, by pressing "Add a viewpoint" and hold in the trigger on the back of the controller. 
Add a viewpoint

3. Now that the viewpoint is created, you will have the ability to comment on the viewpoints, comment in general discussion revolving the model, edit titles, -descriptions and access the viewpoint on later occasions.
Speech-to-text helps ease the discussion and the workflow

4. If you would like to access existing viewpoints, simply select your model in the "models" -tab, open the "Issue"-tab, and select the designated viewpoint you would like to review.
View Issue

When commenting and discussing aspects of a model, D10's software is using speech-to-text, therefore you are not bound by any keyboards for live reviewing

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