VR Menu - Annotations


Annotations is the designated tab for creating and viewing: viewpoints, Snapshots as well as opening up and participate in discussions. 

Creating a new viewpoint

If you would like to create a specific viewpoint, you can:
1. Access the "annotations-tab", select the model you wish to make an annotation for.
2. Press "Create topic", which lets you mark a specific component in the model, after this you should take a snapshot, by pressing "Take Snapshot" and hold in the trigger on the back of the controller.
3. Now that the viewpoint is created, you will have the ability to comment on the viewpoints, comment in general discussion revolving the model, edit titles, -descriptions and access the viewpoint on later occasions.

Create viewpoint

4. If you would like to access existing viewpoints, simply select your model in the "models" -tab, open the "Annotations"-tab, and select the designated viewpoint you would like to review.
View viewpoint

When commenting and discussing aspects of a model, D10's software is using speech-to-text, therefore you are not bound by any keyboards for live-reviewing.

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