VR Menu - Models


Spawn models

You can spawn your models by opening the models-tab in the menu and simply pressing towards the designated models you wish to use.
Spawn/Despawn models

Grid View / Info View

Grid View is the basic layout showing your models in an orderly fashion,
If you would like a more detailed presentation of the models you have imported into VR, you could access the info view, this will give you more information about measurement units used, the number of elements and triangles
Grid View / Info View

This is done by toggling between Grid view / Info view

Split/Combine models

If you wish to split or combine your models, you can press the split model, this gives you the freedom to operate on each individual model as well as together in a combined model
Split / Combine models in the "models" folder


If you would like to experience the models in its original size, you can enter the fullscale mode by pressing the "Go to fullscale"  and place the little Avatar on your desirable position by pressing and releasing the trigger on the back of your controller
Enter Fullscale

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