Recommended Hardware Specs

To ensure that the software will run smoothly, make sure that you have everything sorted out and ready to go. The following pages will go trough the set up of the hardware (Both computer and hardware)

Hardware Set Up

Make sure that your computer is compatible with the VR hardware. We recommend these following specs for the computer:

PC Specs (Minimum):

- 8th Generation Intel i7 4 core processor, or better.
- Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060
- 16GB Ram
- Displayport, Mini displayport or Thunderbolt 3 output

PC Specs (Recommended):

-9th Generation Intel Core i7 or better
- Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (Or better)
- 32gb Ram (or More)
- Displayport, Mini displayport or Thunderbolt 3 output

If the computer will remain stationary, we strongly recommend getting desktop-computers if possible.
Example of motherboard and "Add-in" cards

It is also important that you connect external screens or VR-headsets to the Graphics card connections and not directly in to the Motherboard connections

VR Hardware

HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift


After you have installed the hardware, you need to set up SteamVR. This is an essential software, and you need to calibrate the VR hardware from STEAM VR, in order for our software to work.
When STEAM VR is running, a little box will appear at the computer desktop showing all of the hardware components in green.
The base stations, controllers and Headset all need to be calibrated correctly. If one of the components are not calibrated correctly, refer to the troubleshooting pages of STEAM VR.

Link to STEAM VR set up:
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