Release notes - 14. December 2018

VirtuaView 2018.6 is now released

Changelist window

After receiving a new update, you can see a list of new features and fixes in the changelist window. This window will by default open every time you start the launcher. This can be disabled by unchecking "Show on startup". 

Issue reporter

You can now report issues using the Issue Reporter. The issue reporter can be opened from the launcher by clicking "Help" and "Report an issue" in the menu bar. 

If VirtuaView crashes the issue reporter will, when possible, open automatically. 

Bugfixes and improvements

•        The cross section tool now works properly with combined models.
•        In the annotations menu, the viewport list no longer freeze when creating new topics.
•        You will now get an error message when trying to install VirtuaView on a drive that has insufficient space.
•        The launcher is no longer minimized to tray when clicking the title bar's close button.
•        When trying to start the launcher while another instance is running the other instance will now be brought to the foreground.

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