Release notes - 14. June 2019

VirtuaView 2019.3 is now released


Desktop mode

The new desktop mode allows you to join meetings without having access to VR equipment. This mode is also more optimised for lower-end computers, and can be used on computers that are not VR-ready.
To use it, simply disable "VR experience" in the launcher after logging in.


Use the W/A/S/D keys to move the camera around and Q/E to move up and down. Hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the camera.
You will also see a list of all participants in the room. In the participants window you can select a participant and choose to "spectate" them from their point of view or "go to" their position.
Revit plugin
By popular request we have now created a plugin for exporting textured 3D models from Revit to VirtuaView.
The plugin can export 3D models from any project made in Revit 2018, 2019 or 2020, and also exports textures from Autodesk's material library. For larger projects you can optionally reduce the "level of detail", which will result in a smaller and more optimised model with less details.
To export a project simply open the project in Revit, enter "3D view", open the "Dimension10" tab and choose how you wish to export the project.

You can either open the model directly by pressing "Open model in Dimension10" or export a ".d10m" file that can be shared with others and imported like other models.

The plugin can be downloaded here
Geometric shield
We have added a feature which makes the wall disappear around your head, making it possible to partly see through walls. This will make it much easier to navigate in VR and quickly see where you are in the model. 
See a video demonstration of the feature here

Simplified PDF and video importing

You can now import PDF files and videos by drag-and-drop, similar to how you import models. The imported files will show up under "PDFs and videos" in the list.

Bugfixes and Improvements

•        Optimised component selection when creating viewpoints.
•        The media tablet spawns more intuitive and user-friendly.
•        Fixed a bug that prevented interaction with the VR menu when another hand is overlapping it.
•        Fixed an issue that caused the bounding box around some models to become very large.
•        Fixed a case of IFC models not combining at the right locations.
•        Fixed a bug making textures on large models look black.
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