Release notes - 14. March 2019

VirtuaView 2019.1 is now released

New Room Setup Page

In this update, Virtuaview will be getting a big overhaul to all its 2D user interfaces, including the login screen and the new create- and join room pages. The new Room Setup page also includes some new features and changes, such as:

Bimsync integration

Get your models directly from your Bimsync projects into VR. This is done by clicking settings (in the sidebar menu) > “Connect to Bimsync” and enter your Bimsync credentials.

Drag and drop

Include models, or several directories of models, by dragging them on top of the new UI and have them instantly available.

Multi-model selection

The new model selector (e.g when creating a room) now sorts the models based on the directories they are located in. Clicking the checkbox on one of these folder will mark all of the included models as well.

Multilingual support

The users can now select between English, Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk as the language used in the Room Setup page. 

PLY Point Cloud Importer

Virtuaview now support the import of PLY files (Polygon File Format), a generel purpose point cloud format that can easily be converted to or from from other point cloud formats (such as LAS and XYZ) by free converters and editors, such as CloudCompare ( or Meshlab ( Please note that since the point cloud structure is kept in Virtuaview (i.e the models aren't triangulated) features such as the meta data hightlighter is incompatible with point cloud models. Please note that only PLY files on a binary little-endian format is supported currently.

Teleport and Navigation Improvements

Users can now also teleport vertically - such as up stairs or ramps - and move individually when they change elevation through the full scale grab mechanic. As being at different level can potentially make it harder for the users to regroup, we’ve also added a recall button than brings every VR-participant to the one recalling. 

Model Transparency Selector

There is now a tool for adjusting the transparency of all the models individually. Under the "Tools"-tab there is a "Model Transparency" category. Here you can adjust the transparency for all the models in the room, just by sliding the transparency bar or by clicking the eye icon to toggle on/off.
Improved Measurement Tools
Additional measurement tools, like point-to-point- and a dedicated perpendicular measurement, can now be accessed from the VR-menu (under Tools -> Measurements).
Memory Optimization
To allow for even bigger models and a better import performance, Virtuaview is now more efficient when handling memory.
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