VR menu - Introduction

Opening the menu

When pressing the blue button on your controller, the Main-menu will open up, (If you hold the blue button, the menu will follow your arm until release of button).

Spawn menu

The Menu consists of 5 tabs, being Models, Annotations, Metadata, Tools and Settings. 

Quick menu

If you look down at your arms, you will also see a quick menu attached to both of them. The quick menu is ment to have the features you use most frequently. The quick menu are supposed to be easy and fast to access, with the most valuable features ready to be used.
Quick menu

The quick menu features a drawing function, a camera function aswell as a "Bring all here" function inside full-scale. This can again be disabled by pressing the lower part of the touchpad. 

Controls and movement

This page gives an overview of the controllers from Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. 
It shows how to move around and use different features for moving around. 


- Spawn models
- Split/Combine models
- Enter fullscale
- Info view over models


- Select components 
- Take snapshots
- Make comments
- Easily teleport to marked component


- Read of metadata readings from specific parts of a model


- Under Miscellanious:
        - Take picture
        - Bring documents into VR
    - Hide and Show objects
- Under Transparency:
        - Make single or multiple models transparent
- Under Measurements:
    - Point to point measurement
    - Perpendicular: measure from point to first obstacle hit
    - Bounds: measurements of a component


- Adjust graphic quality

Additional tools

- Cross-Section
- Measure between controllers
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