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The tablet is a great feature which allows you to bring in and access PDF's and videos, in the virtual arena. This is helpful for bringing files of interest into the meeting, with easy access without having to take of your Virtual lenses.
For this to happen, you will have to import, and check off the given files, before entering inside Virtual reality
Present photos, Videos and Documents in VR with the Tablet

You also have the ability to do a slideshow presentation, this is done by casting the tablet content to the main lobby screen, using the cast symbol in the lower right of the document.

For navigating through the slides, you can either push the right side of the touchpad to move forward and the left side to go back onto previous slides.
Slideshow on mainscreen

You will also have the ability to take pictures with the tablet. 


When using the camera, either with tablet or stand-alone camera, the pictures will be saved on your local computer. 

If you would like to view the exported files, you can find it located under:

C:\Users\(computer username)\Documents\virtuaview\production\exportfiles

Or by clicking the view export files located in the settings.
View export files


Drawing is in general a great tool that can help you quickly to, for example illustrating a point, or showing where corrections are needed.

You can do so by opening the tools section -> locate the enable/disable drawing.
To change the colors of the brush, you can do so by tapping the upper part of the touchpad.

The left-side of the touchpad will let you undo the latest part of the drawing, while the right-side of the touchpad will let you redo the previous action.

Drawing in VR


Hide/show is a feature that lets you hide/show targeted parts of a model.
This feature is compatible both in Fullscale and in the VR-lobby
Hide / Show Objects
Tools -> Miscellaneous -> Hide/ Show objects -> Aim at surface and press down upper side of track-pad. -> Undo by clicking the lower side of the track-pad

You can also press Show all objects, which will bring back all the hidden objects. 

Model transparency

Model transparency lets you decide the percentage of transparency for the given model.
This is useful for moving interest/focus towards certain models.

Tools -> Model transparency -> Drag bar for adjusting transparency


Located in the tools section, you can find the measurement features.  


Point-to-point Measuring

Tools -> Measurements -> Enable Point-to-point measuring -> press upper-part of trackpad when aiming on certain parts of the model -> Read of measurements


Tools -> Measurements -> Enable perpendicular measuring -> press upper-part of trackpad when aiming on certain parts of the model -> Read of measurements 


Tools -> Measurements -> Enable bounds measuring -> press upper-part of trackpad when aiming at certain parts of the model -> Read of measurements 
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