29. November 2019

Dimension10 2019.5 is now released

Introducing Dimension10 ScreenCast

When using the mediatablet to view PDF files, users can now "cast" the slides directly to the big screen in the VR room to e.g present their slides to other users. When doing so the slides shown at the big screen will mimic the ones shown at the casting tablet and the user will also have a next- and previous page/slide button on the touchpad or thumbstick on their right hand controller. Note that in order for every participant to see the casted slides everyone need to have them accessable on their local computer.

Controller tooltips

To make it easier to use the various features and tools in Dimension10, we decided to make some tooltips for you.

To see the tooltips, simply look down on your controllers.
What tooltips you end up seeing depends on the context. When using a tool, such as the new drawing tool, each button has a different functionality. The tooltips show you what these buttons do.

Drawing in VR

In this release we are introducing a new tool - the drawing tool!
If you need to write some notes or illustrate something during a meeting, this tool can be very useful. When you are done, you can take a picture of your notes using the camera tool.
The drawing tool can be opened either through the VR menu's "tools" menu, or from the new quick menu (see below).

Camera tool

This release features a new camera tool.
This tools allows you to quickly take photos of what you see in front of you. The tool is available in the VR menu's "tools" tab. To make the tool more accessible, we have added it to the new quick menu (see below).
To take a picture, simply press the trigger.

Quick Menu

We have made some frequently used tools more accessible, through our new quick menu.
You can find the tool on your arm. You will find two buttons when you are in the VR room: "Draw in VR" and "Camera". Simply press either of these to enable the corresponding tool.
In fullscale you also have a third tool: "Bring all here". Press it to gather all other users around you.

Bimsync Integration Improvements

Improvements added
The correct revision is downloaded automatically when joining 

VR Menu improvements

Model name tooltips added
When moving your finger over a model in the "Models" tab, you will now be able to see the model name through a tooltip.

Bugfixes and improvements

•        Switching speaker/microphone device in Windows now works.
•        Improved model import time.
•        You should now be able to combine IFC and FBX files.
•        Fixed a bug where scaling a large model would make it snap to a very large size when releasing the trigger.
•        Fixed a crash when importing IFC files that contain very long metadata descriptions.
•        Fixed an issue with imported BCF viewpoints' position.
•        Optimised rendering of PLY models.
...and much more!
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