Dimension10 2021 is now released

New VR menu, model cloud system, improved issues/BCF menu, improved BimSync integration and more!

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Dimension10 is now available. This release features a fresh new VR menu, a desktop menu and various new features, all available in Norwegian!

We have also made a new model cloud system that allows you to share the files imported into the room with anyone in your company.

New VR menu

New VR Menu in Dimension10

We have re-designed the whole VR menu, and done several major improvements to it.

In addition to the new design, we have added several new features to the new menu: - Model settings - New issue menu - Audio settings - Camera snapshots - Participant list with buttons: "mute", "teleport to", "bring here"

VR Menu Changes

New issue menu (BCF & Bimsync)


We have re-written the issue menu, as well as our BCF system and Bimsync integration.

This brings you a set of new features:

- You can edit Bimsync topics and upload your changes.

- Issue filters, for filtering large BCFs or Binsync databases.

- New improved GUI.

Model cloud system

  • You can now mark a room for cloud shared and all your models will be shared with all participants
  • Rooms now require you to be approved from the launcher

New user account system

New revamped system makes the login process much smoother
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