Release Notes - 18. September 2019

VirtuaView 2019.4 is now released

Hide and show

This release comes with a "hide and show objects" feature that allows you to select parts of a model and hide it. Using this tool you can create some interesting visualisations, and it can be very useful when exploring your projects in VR.

How to use:
•        Enable the tool from the "Tools" menu.
•        Point at an object you want to hide (such as a wall).
•        Press the up-button on the controller's touchpad.
•        To undo, press the down-button on the controller's touchpad.
•        To make all objects visible again, click the "Show all" button in the Tools menu.

New VR room

We've spent the summer refurbishing the VR room and are excited for you to see the final result. Above you can see a picture, but its only in 2D. Jump in to VR and experience it for yourself!

New features in the model importer

Automatic measurement units for IFC
When importing IFC models, you no longer have to manually select the measurement unit (scale unit) before importing. Simply use the new "auto" setting, and the model will be imported with the right scale. 
Support for more texture formats
You can now import models that contain textures in formats such as TIFF/TIF, BMP and GIF.

Company logo

Participating in VR with several partners from different companies is now common practice for our customers. To differentiate the avatars we have now added a company logo above your head, as well as inside your virtual workspace. The party who creates the room will see their logo inside.

Cross section improvements

The cross section tool has been updated with some new improvements. To prevent the cross sectioning tool from accidentally being activated when touching the button, you now need to hold the button down for some milliseconds to activate it. This was mostly an issue on Oculus controllers.
Furthermore, cross sectioning can now be activated without touching the model first. If another user is using the cross sectioning tool, you can seamlessly take over.
Bugfixes and Improvements
•        Fixed several bugs in the annotations window.
•        Added better progress reporting (in the loading bar) when loading STEP/STP models.
•        Optimised STEP importing by performing meshing in parallel. This makes loading up to 40% faster.
•        Fixed a bug where IFC models with a large origin offset ended up looking distorted.
•        Fixed a scale unit inconsistency in the IFC importer.
•        When "optimize faces" is off, the normals will now be flipped in the right direction.
•        Updated the embedded browser in the launcher, fixing some issues with the Bimsync integration.
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