Release notes -

VirtuaView 2019.2 is now released

Added avatar armwatch

Added a watch to the avatars' left hand to make it easier to keep track of time while in VR.‎

Annotation improvements

•        Fixed an issue where only highlighted components would show in a snapshot/screenshot.
•        Fixed an issue where speech-to-text sometimes wouldn't record.
•        Fixed an issue where saving comments would sometimes break remote users' menus.

FBX import improvements

•        Reduced import time for FBX models.
•        Added support for UV-scaling.

glTF support

You can now import glTF models (.gltf and .glb). This is the default format for Microsoft Paint 3D, and is becoming more common.
VirtuaView now supports: IFC, STEP, FBX, OBJ (Wavefront), glTF, DAE (Collada) and PLY (point cloud)

Bugfixes and improvements

•        Optimised teleport functionality to improve performance when teleporting near complex geometry.
•        The floor grid has been slightly offset to make sure it's not visible when you are standing on floor.
•        Model scaling now looks more smooth
•        Fixed an issue with large models shaking when scaled down
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